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Colour and Moods

We love colour at lampelier. Creating a big, bold statement lamp in bright colours and dramatic patterns is what we live for!

lampshades Singapore

We understand it is not everyones cup of tea but we do encourage our clients to have a bit of fun with their shades. In Singapore, many of us live in rented accommodation so we can't do much about renovations. But you can have some fun with your soft furnishings! And if this is not your forever home, then why not try something a little different for your time in the tropics.

Here are some ideas for colours to be used in each room of the house. Although the effect of colours on your mood is a little subjective, there are some studies that show what colours create what sort of mood.

Red: Gets the heart racing. It is said to draw people together and stimulate conversation so is good for lounge and dining rooms. It is also represents prosperity in Chinese culture.

Yellow: Although mostly cheery, it is known to trigger tempers so best to keep it to small locations like the bathroom.

Blue: Calming and relaxing. Great in bedrooms and living rooms. Keep it light and soft. If you go too dark, it can evoke sadness.

Green: Super calming and supposedly good for fertility so a perfect choice for the bedroom ;-)

Always consider the room the shade will be placed in, its use and the effect/mood you would like to create. If you want to play it safe, you can always put the pattern on the inside of the shade and keep the outside quite neutral. Or you can play with smart bulbs. These allow you to have a myriad of colours and create all kinds of moods at the tip if your fingers!

Contact us and start designing your own bespoke shade today.

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