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There are a few general rules you can use as a guide when designing your lampelier shade. But rules are meant to be broken and sometimes that can make a for a fabulous statement lamp.  Don’t be afraid to be bold. Below are a few hints and tips to consider.


If you plan to use your shade as a table or floor lamp, we recommend you get your base first. This will guide you in the correct proportions for your shade. 



For table lamps, the height of the shade should be between 60-80% of the height of the base. For example, if your base is 45cm, then the height of your shade should be between 27cm and 36cm.


For floor lamps, the height of the shade should be between 30-50% of the height of the base. For example, if your base is 153cm tall, the shade should be between 46cm and 76cm. 

Width (diameter)

The width of your shade should be at least double the width of the widest part of your base. For example, if the widest part of your base is 20cm, the shade width should be at least 40cm. Don’t make it too wide else it can become unstable. In general, the width of the bottom of the shade should not be greater than the height of the lamp base and the width of the shade should be at least 1.3cm wider on each side than the widest part of your base.


It is recommended to try and match your shade with the style and shape of your base. For example, a square base looks best with a square shade and a round base with a round shade. Lampelier currently only make drum shades from our ring stock. We can remake an existing shade by re-using the existing rings. 


You need to consider what you will use your lamp for. If it will be used for reading under, you need to ensure the colours and fabrics you chose are lighter so they will shed enough light. If you are creating some mood lighting, then you can go with darker colours and thicker fabrics. Darker colours also produce more direct up and down lighting which create a more dramatic effect when turned on and can be used to highlight objects and paintings. 


You can of course, also use your shade as a pendant light. 


This is the fun part - chosing some fabulous fabrics, trims and cords and making your bespoke lampshade. At lampelier, we like our shades to be vibrant and fun.


If you are not too sure about making a statement with your light during the day, you can let all the fun be on the inside of the shade. This allows the lamp to be quite unassuming by day, but shows its true colours at night. Selecting an opaque fabric for the outer part of the shade will allow the pattern of the inside to shine through when switched on which looks stunning.


If you have a unique base, then a simpler fabric for your shade might work better so as not to distract from the detail of base.


Natural fabrics such as linen will show up the fibres when illuminated which add a textural element to your shade which is lovely. 


You need to consider the pattern on the fabric and if it is directional and/or has a feature print. This may restrict the size shade you can design. 


You can also add trim to either match or contrast with the fabric of your shade.

Sizing Suggestions


Bedside Table: 20cm or 30cm diameter drum shades work well. If you have the space, 40cm shades look fabulous but you need a decent sized room and a big bedside table. 


Table Lamp: 30cm or 40cm diameter drum shades. If you don’t have the space in your bedroom for the 40cm shade, they look great as a table lamp. The smaller 30cm size also works well if you have a smaller base or smaller space to work with.


Floor Lamp: 40cm, 45cm or 50cm diameter. The 50cm shade looks good with a slimline height. Keep it short and it looks very sleek.


Pendant: If you are only having 1 then you can go large. 40cm, 45cm or 50cm diameter will work.


We stock rings in 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, 40cm, 45cm and 50cm diameters.


Our shade rings have a standard 40mm European fitting (E27) which is fitted with a 25mm converter plug (E14). If you would like to use the fitting for a European lamp (Some Ikea bases come in this size) simply remove the plug.




Pricing is based on size and fabric choice. The following will determine the price of your shade:


  • The bigger the shade (in width and height) the more fabric, time and materials are required and thus the higher the price

  • Our Luxe designer fabrics such as imported, hand screenprinted and designer fabrics are more expensive

  • Prices start from $90.00 for a small, cotton fabric15cm x 20cm shade 

  • As a guide, a 40cm bespoke drum shade is priced between $180.00 - $320.00 depending on the fabric. 


Safety Specifications


The PVC used to construct our shades is UV stable and flame retardant. It is engineered for lampshade making and has passed the glow wire test carried out by the Lighting Association in the UK.


We recommend using LED bulbs to ensure heat generation remains at a minimum. They are also more environmentally friendly and last longer!

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