When searching for a fabulous lamp we discovered they were either too expensive, too small, too big, cheap and nasty, boring beige, mass produced, block colours, out of proportion, and any combination in between. 


Armed with a fabulous collection of fabric and a desire to ban the beige shade, we set out to create a range of vibrant, stylish and fun lampshades. 


We are passionate about bold, beautiful patterns in black and white, colour and contrast, tactile textures and all things fun and bright so your lamp can make a statement by day and night. 


We stock an extensive range of shade sizes, fabrics, trims, and cable in many patterns and colours so you can design your own bespoke lampelier. 

We source beautiful fabrics from all over the world. 


All lampshades are handcrafted in Singapore.


We have collected some fabulous retro bases and also stock stylish Danish designed tripod bases to complement your shade. 


We hope you enjoy designing your own bespoke lampelier product as much as we do.


We look forward to hearing from you. Contact Us to start the design process. 



Jac  x