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Lamps for the lads

The mention of a bachelor pad conjures up sleek black furniture and gadgets galore and if you search for bachelor pad decor on pinterest you will get pages and pages of black, white and grey with a touch of dark 'manly' wood (bicycles and whiskey stocked bars also feature a lot).

In reality, I suspect there are very few that are actually like this. Although there are some guys interested in interior design most probably don't put much thought into it all. As long as there is a couch, a TV and a fridge (and maybe a BBQ), they are happy.

But if they have someone special over for dinner, it might bid the lads well to have a few of the basics covered. We did a search on the top things that should be in a bachelor pad/man space and in addition to the obvious ones such as clean sheets and a clean bathroom, lighting featured in them all. An article in ASKMEN states that "lamps are the key to helping you sex up your bachelor pad".

We have summarised some of the top tips to consider regarding lighting so you can make an impression with your next guest and maybe inspire you to design your own "lad lamp" with lampelier.

No fluorescent lighting

No one looks good in fluorescent lighting. You should opt for a few table lamps and/or floor lamps that produce a much softer glow and your guests (especially the female ones) will thank you for it. Dimmer switches are also helpful here to help change the mood as and when required.

Statement lamps

A large feature lamp will look stylish and also provide a talking point when you are settling in on the couch for a pre or post dinner tipple.

Bedside lamps

Bedside lamps are a must. They are imperative to creating a soft ambient light and dimmer switches will again help create the perfect mood.


If you do happen to have one of the sleek black and white decors, why not add a pop of colour with a funky shade. You could keep the outside black (or white) and add the fun on the inside so it only shows up when switched on (see note about statement lamps above).


Smart bulbs offer an endless number of lighting options and can be controlled from your phone or tablet. So when you pick the music, you can set the lighting too. Super smooth. You can read our blog post about smart bulbs for some design inspiration.

If you have some hot lighting tips for the lads, or a super stylish bachelor pad with a statement shade we would love to see it #lampsforthelads. Pass on the news to your brother/boyfriend/Dad/friend and give them the heads up on stylish lighting for their pad.

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