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Blue is the hue

Houzz contributor Jennifer Ott has announced the colour of the week - Watery Blues. Jennifer suggests "These soft, muted greenish-blue hues work especially well for bedrooms and bathrooms, where they offer a calming, spa-inspired vibe".

We love using colour in our lamps and these soft pastel blues can be matched with another soothing colour to keep the whole vibe zen or you could add a pop of colour for a bit of contrast. Jennifer says that the "light watery blue plays well with a variety of colors, from soft neutrals to bold, electric hues".

We have scoured and found some great options for fabric to make a lamp that would team nicely with these watery blue hues.

An interesting option would be to use a soft watery blue on the outside of the lamp and add the pattern and colour to the inside of the lamp. The colour is subtle by day but adds a little pop of colour and element of surprise when the lamp is turned on at night.

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