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Bespoke v's beige

A little fact that I have learnt since starting lampelier, is that most lampshades available in the shops are slightly tapered at the top. I had never thought much about this but I have discovered that the reason they are this shape is so they can be stacked, packed and wrapped for shipping.

In addition to that, they are all beige, or another plain block colour, to ensure they fit with most colour schemes.

And of course, by making them in bulk, they are cheaper to manufacture.

As a result, most shades we find in shops are all the same non-descript shape and colour (but not necessarily cheap!).

By going bespoke, you can choose your shape and colour so it fits perfectly with the space you have in mind or the base you already have. We can't make them as cheaply as the mass-produced beige ones, but you will have something lovingly handcrafted, bold, beautiful and stylish. It's like an additional piece of art with the added bonus that it is functional!

You can be as adventurous as you like to create something truely unique, or keep it simple and add a super soft gold interior for an extra bit of glam or a pop of colour in the trim. And beige is OK if you use a fabric that has some texture, like linen to create another dimension rather than flat, plain beige.

Your lamp, your way. Contact us today to start your design journey.

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