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It's not all about the base

Table lamps look great on most tables but they would look a little silly perched in the middle of your dining table! And you can't exactly place one on a step halfway down the staircase (although, if there was a safe place to put it, this would look pretty cool ;-)

Pendant lights can make great statement pieces over your dining table, kitchen bench, stairwell, entry way and/or in your bedroom/s. If you don't have the space for a table lamp, then the pendant is the perfect answer.

We like a large statement shade above a dining table, or multiple smaller, cylindrical shades above a kitchen bench. We love the black and gold pendants in this picture in different sizes and shapes and hanging at different lengths. Super sophisticated. Always a fan of the gold shade interior.

Our favourite trick of putting the pattern on the inside of the shade looks extra special on pendant lights as you look up into the shade you get the surprise of the beautiful design. It looks amazing. You can also add a diffuser and/or dimmer to soften the light. This is a good idea for lamps over the dining table to create a softer light so your diners don't feel like they are in the spot light.

You can also add some coloured cord for more style, fun and contrast.

Or we stock some lovely danish designed pendant cords from VITA in black and white for a more sophisticated big kids look.

Start designing your statement pendant today.

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