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For Finials Sake

A what? A finial? What is it I hear you ask? A lamp finial is the little decorative piece that fits onto the top of a US lamp ring. The finial is commonly part of the US style shade ring, but not so much on the shores downunder where we have adopted more of the European style of lampshades.

Modern and stylish finials are hard to find. For some reason, animals seem to feature a lot, as well as oriental inspired shapes and colours.

Hillary Thomas has a divine range of these quirky little pieces that are often unknown or over looked and with super fun names like 'proud as a peacock', 'marrakesh express' and 'strawberry fields forever' they are very hard to resist. Not only do they sound fabulous, they will make your lampelier even more glamorous than it already is!

We have some bases with the US style ring that are crying out for a makeover. We think one of these little beauties will give them the little spice of life they are after. Stay tuned for the finished product!

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