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The gift that keeps on giving

A lamp may not seem like an obvious gift choice but having both given and received a lamp as a gift in the past I can say from experience that they make a delightful alternative. Chocolates get eaten, flowers wilt, clothes get out grown, but a lamp will keep lighting up your life long after the birthday candles have been blown out or the bride and groom waltz is over.

Every time I turn my lamp on it reminds me of the person that gave it to me and it warms my heart to think that maybe the receiver of my lamp feels the same and a lovely and useful gift is able to evoke happy thoughts.

A friend told me that their daughter got a lamp for her first birthday and still has it in her room today, 8 years on.

New baby, 1st birthday, wedding present, birthdays, Mother's Day, Fathers Day, any day! Give the gift of light. You can personalise the lamp with alphabet letters to make them extra special, or chose fabrics in colours and designs you know they love.

Lampelier can also offer Gift Vouchers if you would like the recipient to design their own.

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