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Fabulous Floral Fabric with Flowers for Kate

It is time to introduce our first collaboration with the lovely and talented Flowers for Kate @flowersforkate. Her floral photography is simply stunning and we had a tough time deciding which picture to use for our first run. We ended up going with this beauty and the result was well beyond both our expectations. The flowers are literally larger than life.

We haven't yet had the heart to get the scissors near it. It was even fashioned by a friend as a skirt and a shawl which both looked great.

The recent edition of Australian House & Garden is loaded with big, bold floral interiors. It states that "Big, blousy blooms are best for impact" so this bespoke fabric is right on trend.

It reminds me of the wallpaper I had in my room as a kid. My sister and I were allowed to chose whatever we wanted. I chose black wallpaper with big pink flowers all over it so I guess I have always loved bold florals (my sister went for lime green paint. I think Mum may have regretted giving us free reign).

If you are afraid that the colours are too much, or the pattern too bold, put the design on the inside of the shade. It allows you to still have a bit of fun with colour but the overall effect is much more subtle. This is what I plan to do when I have the courage to cut it!

I can't wait to do more with this talented lady. Watch this space, we have some big ideas brewing.

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