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Lampshade Kits

Lampshade Kits

Our lampshade kits come with everything you need to make your own fabulous custom shade. All you need to add is your choice of fabric and then you are well on the way to helping us on our mission to banish the beige shade. 


Your shade size depends on the size of your base and how much real estate you want your lamp to take up on your bedside or side table, cos lets face it, that real estate is gold and only has room for very important things, very useful things and/or very pretty things... with a lampelier shade, your lamp can be all of these!  


There are a few suggested rules when determing the size of your shade, but rules are meant to be broken so go with whatever you think looks good! If your lamp already has a base, then you can use that as a guide. If you aren't sure, you can check out our product information page for suggested sizing. 




  • What's in the kit

    1 x shade ring set of your chosen size 

    1 pre cut PVC panel

    1 x roll of super duper sticky tape 

    1 x special lamp tucking tool so you can get those edges as smooth as possible 

    1 x set of instructions 

    1 x ring converter so your shade will fit either an E14 or E27 lampholder

    1 x super stylish lampelier tote 


PriceFrom AU$65.00

Buy 2 or More and Save

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